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WinDjView 2.1

WinDjView Review:

 DjVu is a web centric format that is currently gaining popularity as a medium for sharing documents with texts and images safely and securely over the internet. This preserves the structure and also takes much less space compared to pdfs. WinDjView is a compatible viewer for these documents on Windows with many advanced features and tools.


 - Its tabbed interface allows you to switch between multiple documents at ease.
 - It comes with advanced printing options right from within the WinDjView console.
 - It uses the free DjVuLibre library to decode the documents. This decoder is essential for reading the files just like UTF-8 encoding for Word.
 - Continuous scrolling has been added as a convenient tool for reading documents just like in Adobe Acrobat Reader and Word.


 WinDjView also provides some innovative tools compared to other viewers.
 - It allows you to use Magnifying Glass for zooming into a particular part of the text or say an image. This is called as Marquee Zoom.
 - There is a dictionary that can translate the words into another language or show its meaning when under the mouse pointer.
 - It comes with various different language support for the user interface. You can change your default language by just downloading the appropriate dll file and placing it in your installation directory. Restart WinDjView once you done with it.
 - You can export a part of a page and save it as an image in formats like bitmap, jpeg, gif, png, tif and more.


 You get a certain level of customizations as a part of the user interface to suit your style. You can set the default color scheme to black and white or some specific color for the foreground or background separately. You can set brightness, contrast as well as gamma exposure as per your comfort level. This generally helps when switching between day and night reading habits. User annotations and bookmarks are obviously present along with many other common features. You can get a complete detail about them from their official website that is hosted on

 Their latest version is 2.1 and it supports all versions of Windows like 2000, XP, Vista, 7 and 8 and even Server 2003 and 2008. Ebooks are usually distributed in DjVu format, especially because they take up much less space than others. Owing to many similar advantages over traditional formats it is gradually becoming a de-facto standard. 

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